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I'm informed that TIminer uses NetMHCpan for MHC peptide binding predictions
I will cite the following papers in any resultant publication:

Nielsen, Morten, and Massimo Andreatta. “NetMHCpan-3.0; improved prediction of binding to MHC class I molecules integrating information from multiple receptor and peptide length datasets.” Genome medicine 8.1 (2016): 1.

Hoof, Ilka, et al. “NetMHCpan, a method for MHC class I binding prediction beyond humans.” Immunogenetics 61.1 (2009): 1-13.

Nielsen, Morten, et al. “NetMHCpan, a method for quantitative predictions of peptide binding to any HLA-A and-B locus protein of known sequence.” PloS one 2.8 (2007): e796.

Tappeiner E, Finotello F, Charoentong P, Mayer C, Rieder D, Trajanoski Z. NGS data mining pipeline for cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Bioinformatics. 2017.

Release Date Description Instructions Download
1.0 2019-12-19 Singularity installer (Singularity version > 3.0) Install doc download
1.0 2016-12-12 Red Hat installer (min. Fedora 23 or Centos 7) Install doc download
1.0 2016-12-12 OsX installer (EL Capitan and later) Install doc download

Test data

Description Download
RNA-seq test data rnaseq_sample_1.fastq
DNA mutation test data sample_seq1.vcf