2011-02-03 New demo location (also for users requesting a private account) (http://qpcrdemo.i-med.ac.at)
2011-01-28 Productive version of QPCR in Innsbruck (http://qpcr.i-med.ac.at)
2010-10-26 Download files moved to new location (http://www.icbi.at).
2010-02-05 FIX for Usermanagement problem
If you get the following message when trying to log into the usermanagement system with admin
  login not allowed : account expired
apply the database script Update Usermanagement
2010-01-26 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.12)
2009-12-02 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.11)
- includes important updates for generic
- CSV file parser!
2009-11-02 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.10)
- includes new efficiency calculation method and updated
- Cy0 algorithm
2009-09-14 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.8)
2009-08-31 The publication QPCR: Application for real-time PCR
data management and analysis (Pabinger et. al.)

was accepted for publication in the journal BMC Bioinformatics.
2009-05-25 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.6)
2009-05-12 New installer of QPCR (version 0.9.5)
There are now versions for Linux and Windows available
2008-11-24 New installer of QPCR (version 0.8.13)
2008-07-21 First installer of QPCR
2008-06-15 Release 0.8.8 - QPCR first public release