Virtual machine

MEMOSys is now available as a pre-configured virtual machine (including the usermanagement system).

Download - import - use (tested on VirtualBox). No other installation required. MEMOSys automatically starts together with the system and can be accessed using e.g: the firefox browser (bookmark is available).

Download it now!
MD5sum: 1e4e4389ca1f6988a37658a7c051429a

System User Password
Ubuntu login ubuntu reverse
MEMOSys demo demo!1
Ubuntu (shell) root toor


Release Date Description Instructions Download
2.1.1 July 10th, 2013 MEMOSys files for Linux/Unix/Windows view
0.5.0 November 24th, 2010 MEMOSys files for Linux/Unix/(Windows) view
0.3.0 July 1st, 2010 MEMOSys files for Linux/Unix/(Windows) view

Source code

 Source code can be checked out using svn:
    $svn checkout
 Check out only trunk: $svn checkout